February 10, 2009

Court Date!

This is the second time I've used the post titled "Court Date!", only this time it's pretty certain that everything will go according to plan. At 11:30 on March 6th we will swear before a NY Judge as Ashton's forever parents and complete his adoption. Some of the exciting results of this day will be his official name change, NY birth certificate, SSN, and the ability to apply for a US passport (which we'll do immediately following the court appearance as the office is right next door). There are so many days to celebrate with your children, and in the world of adoption this can include DTE Day (dossier to Ethiopia), Referral Day, Court Day, Forever Family Day (first in person meeting), Forever Family Day, US version (first time together on US soil), and then of course the celebration of a finalized adoption in the US, which for us will be MARCH 6TH!!! We're psyched to say the least.


Amanda said...

This court date has got to be less worrisome than the first!! I'm so happy for you all! :)

I know you're dying to get your hands on that passport-haha!

Here's to March 6th!

Misty said...

Yeah!! March 6th is a great day! I was thinking about you guys tonight, just realizing that we are about to become first time parents to a 1 year old. That is so weird to wrap my brain around. From this perspective (because we're not there yet) it seems like the learning curve has to happen fast, because he won't just be sleeping, crying, eating and pooping. But then I thought, well Jo and Mike just slid in like PROS!! I can do it too! So thanks for that, and congrats on this court date:)

PC said...

Great news! How wonderful to have the date. Mom C