February 14, 2009

You Can Take Mom And Dad Out Of MN

But you can't ever keep an Ashton from his Papa's.

We don't live across the street or across town or even "just a few hours away" from family. It requires a plane ride with advance notice and often pricey tickets to bring our son to his grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and cousins and countless others who love spending time with him. So in true McGregor fashion this trip was hardly planned, canceled twice, and still only cost $199 per flying passenger (Ash is still under 2 years so flies free). There's some good Karma flowing here today.

We're in MN for VDay weekend and Ash is stoked to run amok with his cousins, and we're thrilled to let him. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Cloverland Farm said...

Enjoy the trip and thank you for the Valentine!