November 17, 2009

Fixerup #1

Warning, serious vanity is about to follow. I've decided that instead of growling at every daddy who walks by for being "put together" I'm going to attempt putting myself, the mommy, together. Dads have it so easy, pre-child they shower, shave (maybe, and when they don't it's considered "sexy rustic"), grab any pair of pants and any 'ol shirt and they're done. And guess what, post-child they still shower, shave, and dress. I wont attempt to speak for all mommy's out there since apparently there are some who manage to be put together both pre and post child without missing a beat but I, for one, have failed miserably at being one of those women. It's now taking a national act of NaBloPoMo (whoo hoo, something to write about!) to get my act together. To "fixerup".

I'm not going to go crazy over this and do something silly like attempt to integrate more than one additional activity into my routine each day. One a day is just fine with me, and two weeks from now when NaBloPoMo is finally over I'll have made 14 ginormous strides towards looking and feeling like Heidi Klum. Ha. And for those of you who read the posts that are about to follow today and think "she actually needs to commit thought and set reminders to succeed at the most basic steps of morning routine?" To you I say, yes.

Fixerup #1: Moisturizer
I'm starting easy. Thanks to my bonus mom I now have one of those jars of moisturizer that someone put lots of thought into whipping together. The trick is to actually open said jar and use the contents daily. The sad funny thing about this is that I have zippy problem finding time to thoroughly rubdown my son twice a day with coconut oil and absolutely adore his soft buttery skin, so it's not like I don't get the benefits of moisturizer. I do. It's just that I also really suck at listening to myself so extending any sort of daily health/beautification activities from my son to my self is going to take a super special act, hopefully NaBloPoMo can handle it. I'm off to moisturize.


Sam's mom said...

Oh my...I GET it. I'm so bad though, that I've actually started using Sammy's apricot oil as MY moisturizer as well. Body, face, everywhere (when I remember to apply it.) It smells so good, I may start using it as salad dressing as well. How's THAT for multi-tasking??

rebekah said...

Yeah, I get it too. Sad days when I come to work having only brushed my hair and teeth. And my hair really should be washed every day. Good thing I frequently spend the day alone working.

stephanie said...

That's another benefit to me working - I actually take the time to make myself presentable. However, I'm unable to accomplish this until the lad and Dah-dee have left the house. I get 5 minutes and thanks to Carmody on What Not To Wear, I make the best of those 5 minutes.

We're booking flights this week for the holidays. Do you know when you'll be in MN?

ms. v. said...

I love tinted moisturizer. One step, two outcomes. Skin softer, tone smoothed out. Brilliant. I'm not even a mom and I'm like, what is this thing called a "morning beauty routine?"