November 6, 2009


As if it wasn't already painfully obvious to anyone who's read more than a sentence on this blog, I tend to the the type who once in a mood stays in a mood till something has been done to either change or move said mood forward. These moods are what we have to blame for somewhat last minute impulsive purchases of international airplane tickets, complete overhauls of life (Hey I have a great idea! Let's move upstate and find a city apartment and just call BOTH home!), and even the somewhat small in comparison flux in dietary habits (Let's be vegetarian! Let's only eat organic! Screw vegetarian let's eat MEAT - NOW! No really let's try being macropriobiootical...). And as a result Ash's passport at the ripe age of 2 is already filling up, we manage two households, and our local grocer loves us because we're the only ones in the village they can rely on to purchase whatever crazy new fad food claims to be the healthiest way to eat.

What this all means to us and our life is that an antsy mommy is a trouble mommy. Any ounce of ants in my pants is likely to result in some sort of massive booking or redesign of some critical part of life. Which, as an aside, is why both the mommy and the daddy will continue to work bazillion hour weeks in order to subsidize mommy's antsy antics...they don't come cheap.

Why put this all out there now? Well, reason #1 is that I committed to NaBloPoMo which requires me to post 30 posts in 30 days. But more importantly, reason #2 is that this time I'm trying to be smart about it. Possibly even wave off the temptation that is scratching at my back to book a trip to the snowy Rockies in Feb. What, a trip to the Rockies in Feb doesn't sound so bad? Of course not. IF it wasn't on the heels of a holiday trip to Costa Rica (already booked) and a Spring trip to Thailand (already booked) then I suppose a winter trip out west would be ok...but given the current state of the calendar I might just duct tape my fingers together tonight in an effort to prevent me from pressing the "confirm" button on the keyboard.

I used to have a shoe habit, but once Ash came along it became hard to justify it so naturally I moved on to a travel habit because clearly I can blame every booking on the need to show my son the world... I really should go back to shoes.


courtney rose said...

I'm loving all these posts of yours- pure delight!

As far as a trip to the Rockies in February- ummm. Is it really even a question??

Bridget said...

I'm w/ courtney rose. I know you don't know me. But who cares! You have a place to stay whenever you'd like! Between courtney and I, we've got your Rocky Mt. trip covered.
Hell, maybe I'd actually even MEET courtney if that happened....even though we live pathetically close and it's embarrassing that that hasn't happened already! I love your bad habits. I kinda wish they were mine.