November 7, 2009

When Things Kinda Suck...

The little things make life kinda better. Like being granted the golden ticket of "sleeping in" while the dad and the tot rake leaves in the early morning. FYI: He has his helmet on because apparently there was some switching between raking and biking.

The rules: Daddy fills up the wheelbarrow then Ash fills up his wagon. All the while mommy is sleeping soundly upstairs. Now THOSE are rules to live by.

And then you dump. Which in Ash and Daddy's case means dumping leaves, and in Mommy's case means having a double tall nonfat pumpkin spice latte dumped on the bedside table just in time to start the work day.

Sometimes when things kinda suck they also kinda rock. And right now, they're kinda rockin.

1 comment:

Gamma! said...

Have I told you guys lately that I love you? Well...consider yourselves loved and hugged and I can't wait till thursday! Have a blessed and fun day together! Wish I was there to jump in the leaves with Ash and have a double non fat pumpkin spice latte with mommy! And Mike, how about one of those scrumptious coconut macaroons at the bakery! Oh life is so good! :) love you all, Mom/gamma