November 3, 2009

Life's Just Like A Squishy Cinnamon Bun

First you dig in and can't wait to get your hands dirty, eagerly anticipating all of the wonderfulness that's sure to be waiting for you just around that corner right over there.

And then the bite, that first scrumptious bite into all things delicious and right.

But it leaves some bits behind, some leftovers that surely weren't meant to be and need to be cleaned off immediately!

Or not. Maybe the leftovers were really just meant to be stuffed right back in until every square cm has been thoroughly enjoyed and smacked clean from your lips.

Yup, that's it. The second one. The one where there aren't any leftovers because you just ate them all and can walk on, belly full of squishy cinnamon bun and anxious for the next morsel that dare challenge you with it's presence. Cause you'll eat those too.

Cheers to the daily challenges that should really just be treated like squishy cinnamon buns.

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