November 28, 2009

'Tis The Season, Minus The Butter

Two weeks ago Grandma was in town, and she spent at least one of the days baking cookies with Ash. Then last week Gamma and Papa were in town, and they spent at least one of the days baking cookies with Ash. These days were sandwiched around a massive Thanksgiving feast and officially kicked off the holiday season and "OMG did I really gain a dress size overnight?" kind of realizations.
We plan on sharing a good portion of grandparent-love-in-the-form-of-cookies with Ash's preschool class (if there are any left by the time Monday rolls around that is...) and just today tossed out every bit of leftovers that we knew were prepared with at least a stick of butter (you'd be surprised how many that accounted for). We're quite intent on making sure this holiday season wraps with a new kind of realization of the "OMG I lost 2 swimsuit sizes" kind.

See, we're abandoning the cold of the North for the warmth of the South for Christmas this year. The WAY South. The Costa Rica kind of South. And for those not yet aware: It's a lot freaking easier to cover up a few extra pounds behind an XL wool sweater than even the most tummy-tucking bikini on the beach. And don't get me wrong, it's not like we're going to completely avoid any and all holiday savories and treats. We're just going to try and avoid the recipes that require multiple trips to the Stop and Shop to restock the butter in the fridge. 'Tis the season, minus the butter.


Gary said...

OK, I guess you saw me stuff all that butter under the turkey skin....I guess THAT'S why you gave us all the turkey leftovers! (But it was garlic butter, doesn't that make it ok?)
Love ya, Jeanne

stephanie said...

The Moe Betters are beyond bummed. I'm mean happy you'll be in Costa Rica, but so very sad we won't see you in Mounds View :(.

Gamma! said...

I agree with Jeanne - and we all so enjoyed the leftovers on Friday! And Ash enjoyed licking the cookie dough off the spatula, so life is perfect! But alas, if I'm ever to fit into any of my clothes again, Monday is definitely going to have to be a new day and new plan! Thanks for all the spectacular memories we made over the past week! We do have much to be thankful for. God has blessed us all in so many ways and we are thankful. Much love, mom/gamma