November 14, 2009

Frequent Flyer Miles

It's no secret that our family journey is one that prioritizes (among other things of course) food and travel. Many of the furniture, art, and appliance items in our home came from used, swapped, or refurbished histories and we don't really collect anything that requires high cash output (unless you count Ash's current matchbox car fetish, but at $0.99 a pop that hardly counts). We enjoy maintaining the necessities, but reserve discretionary income for our "let's screw the necessities and have dinner at Nobu then fly to MN for the weekend to see family and book a Spring trip to Thailand" kind of moments.

And with that naturally comes frequent flyer miles, which of course translate into more travel, which obviously creates a thirst for the next trip, and so on and so forth and yet again. Long story short, Ash has more frequent flyer miles stored up at the ripe age of 2 1/2 then I had by the time I reached my University years. He knows that the flight attendants are the men and women on the plane he should smile at and charm the most - often done by boarding the plane and promptly high fiving the greeter. He knows he has a choice between pretzels or ginger cookies, and he no longer complains when we have to turn off daddy's iphone (and corresponding kids apps) in time for landing. He waves and yells "Bye bye Minnesota!" or wherever we happened to have travelled, and walks the airport concourses (blue Diego rolling carry-on in tow) with a certain style that warms my heart, as if to say "hello airport, good to see you again!"

Today we taught him the word "arrivederci". Unfortunately our check book (due to aforementioned food/travel habits) is in a bit of it's own state of "arrivederci" so I have a feeling the fling to Italy may have to wait. Not to say it's been put on hold or anything crazy like that, just not needing to be booked this very instant. How uncharacteristically non-impulsive of me...

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Brooke said...

Life experiences are much more important then "things". Therefore your trips and memories will be of great benefit to Ash throughout his life. He will also appreciate all those airline miles. Travel, it's the gift that keeps on giving.