November 30, 2009

The Older One

Finally it's the 30th. The days between the 21st and 30th of November tend to be filled with recognition by daddy that he and mommy, if only for those brief 9 days, are the same age. But thank the shining stars that the 30th is finally here and mommy is once again the young one. Not that I'm obsessed with age at all, it's just that I like being the younger one. Makes me feel, younger.

Back to the point, it's the older one's birthday today. Ash spent the morning serenading daddy with Happy Birthday, asking when we're going to go get the fishies for the toilet (Daddy's present this year was a Fish N Flush which turns the tank of your toilet into half-tank / half-fish tank. It's installed but the fish haven't been added yet.) and me reminding him that we would be going to get the fishies after school. Then we dropped the tot off at school a titch earlier than usual so that we could enjoy a birthday breakfast out. Hey, one must take full advantage of any and all methods of babysitting to facilitate lovers moments out.

So. Happy birthday to the one who will always (aside from those 9 pesky days in Nov) be one year older. You don't look a day over a year more than me.


Amanda and Co. said...

Happy birthday to Mike! :)

Gamma! said...

Happy birthday again Mike! Glad to hear you're celebrating in the grand style to which you are accustomed and again glad we could celebrate together last week for both your birthdays. Love you, nanc

courtney rose said...

Happy birthday Mike!

And also? I need to see a picture of this fish in the toilet thing. NEVER heard of this. Not even in all my years.

Carol McGregor said...

Happy Birthday Mike! I remember staying up late at Grandma's house the night (or morning) that you were born and how excited we were since you were the first! Liz and I are the same age for about 6 weeks; in my case when I was younger it meant she couldn't be the boss of me. Now it just means I'm a year older but that's ok. My best friend happens to have a birthday in Feb so she dives into the age pool just a few months ahead of me and lets me know how the water feels! I'd like to see a picture of the fish tank, too! Love, Carol

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

happy birthday to Mike! and I think I missed a birthday shout to you a few days ago, too.

I second the request for more info/photo on this fish flush thingy, but I don't think I can wait - I shall see if google does the trick! sounds too fun!

good for you re: breakfast date. Great strategy!