November 4, 2009

Not Tonight

I'm in one of those "oh my gosh this and that and that and this all needs to be planned and done right now" kind of moments. So much so that I've made the executive decision to put everything on hold for an evening and just reap the consequences when due dates come and go without being able to check anything off the list. Just a night, but it will be one good night.

I know the house could use a good mopping and the laundry is piling up. I'll do it later, not tonight.
I know the bank accounts and expense reports and bill paying could use an hour or so of analysis. I'll do it later, not tonight.
I know we're scheduled to be in a zillion different places over the next couple months and should probably start to think about the zillion preparations that need to be made, but we'll do it later. Not tonight.

Not tonight, not tonight, not tonight.

Tonight, I will press the only key on my laptop that hasn't been touched in months. The OFF switch.
Tonight, I will light cinnamon and apple scented candles all around the house and pump music into every room. Maybe even holiday music.
Tonight, I'm going to bake something delicious and Ash is going to learn how to press garlic.

We should do this every Wednesday...


Amanda and Co. said...

I love those days. LOVE them.

Amy Bottomly said...

I like it. I should have more of those nights myself. Enjoy!

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

My big challenge is hitting the off switch on the computer - other than that I rock at putting things off and sayin' "Not Tonight!" It is a great strategy - procrastinating to some, strategy to others. My house is a bit more of a mess than I prefer because of it, but it sure does help to be present in today.

Happy Wednesday!