November 10, 2009

Wing Boy

I'm a wing girl, a super spicy wing girl who has a near inappropriate love affair with Monday night wing nights. Because we're legally bonded my husband obliges this one habit (as clearly this is my only one...) and during football season going out for wing night actually constitutes as dinnertime. Even once Ash came along, when you'd think providing a healthy well balanced meal for our son would take priority, wing night still occasionally wins out and we head to the local establishment for our $0.35 indulgence. Thankfully the kids menu is a titch better than most and serves apple sauce and milk alongside the entree of your choice in an adorable little cardboard boat.

But until now the wings were all mommy and daddy and the pasta filled boat was all Ashton (well, aside from that one time a few weeks ago when Ash shoveled spoonful after spoonful of mommy's REALLY spicy wing sauce into his mouth and just kept smiling saying "nummy spicy soup"). Then the day came when we decided (following the wing sauce soup incident) that just maybe he was ready to join in, for real, in wing night bliss. We ordered him his own cardboard boat full of wings, and when the waitress politely looked at me and said "and those will be plain wings for the boy?" I politely looked at her and said "nope, make'em saucy and slightly spicy please". And they did. And he ate them. Every single one, lipsmacking and bonesucking his way through all 5 spicy chicken wings. My wing boy.

So, not only has Ash been witness to a playfully unhealthy semi-weekly habit of mommy and daddy (mommy) but now he's officially joined the team. Unfortunately there is no photographic proof of his induction into wing night, as after all, we did order a two year old a boat full of saucy spicy wings which pretty much explains on it's own why the camera phone was off limits and tucked safely away from potential splattering.

The next habit we plan to share may as well train him to celebrate Christmas in July and book flights impulsively. Oh wait...


Gamma! said...

Oh wait...oh already DO! :) Howabout Christmas in November? Just a little bit? After all, they really don't know the EXACT date if Christ's birth, and afterall if we celebrated Christmas every day the way it was meant to be celebrated (Christmas is spelled LOVE, right- LOVE came down at specific date needed, just the thought that transcends everything else in our world!)what a wonderful world this would be! So yes...we WILL celebrate a little bit of Christmas during your visit. your choice of the movie...maybe even some wings and homemade kringle! Now I'm getting way to excited! How DO you expect me to work at all today?! Travel safe...sing your way through and know the wings of our Father's love will protect you through it all. I love you muchly! mom/gamma

Jill said...

I love it! Mari thinks pepper is too spicy...between inheriting my tendency for a bland palate and her already having some sensory issues with food (cold/hot, certain textures)....well, let's just say that she doesn't have a snowballs chance in July (even if it is Christmas!) to have a adventurous palate. I'm failing my child in a food kind of way.