June 2, 2008

Almost There

Dubai has been fun. It's really hot and really humid but the pool on our hotel's roof helped to wake us up enough to walk down the creek and visit the gold souk. Everything is crazy expensive so to follow our afternoon of gold shopping (didn't by a thing) we opted for a night in. Our balcony overlooks the creek and we're trying to get on local time, so an evening reviewing Amharic and actually trying to picture us with him, tomorrow, has been time well spent.

Lunch tomorrow will be lunch with our son. Dubai has been fun but tomorrow my friend, tomorrow is going to ROCK! This is a bad camera pic of our view fromour Dubai hotel, but niether of us wants to get dressed enough to use the lobby business center so this will have to do for now. We're having lunch with our son tomorrow!

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Gamma! said...

Did you mention "you're having lunch with your SON tomorrow?"! Everything else pales in comparison, doesn't it. I did see pictures of the marina and it looks amazing. But for now, "tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love you, tomorrow. It's only a day away!" Sing it at the top of your lungs!!! Love you, mom

Amanda & Andrew said...

Fabulous!!! You've been posting along your trip-wonderful!!!

Thanks to your JFK-->Dubai-->Addis math, we figured out it'll take us approximately 26 hours of air time to get to Addis.

Soon....soon you'll be with your SON! :)

Brooke said...

Hmmm, us too, 26 long hours of flying from Oregon.

Praying for you guys, safe travels!

Carol McG said...

How can tomorrow compare with any ordinary day? It can't; it will rock and enjoy your lunch with your son. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Aunt Carol
(That is Great-Aunt Carol to Ashton).

kathy and oma said...

JOYOUS Anticipation! I don't think there is quite any feeling like it. I remember it well, welcoming a new baby brother and having my own son. So we share your joy and anticipation and pray the next week will be all that you have dreamed and more. Just think a new little Mcgregor in the middle of Africa! What a miracle! Love Oma & Kathy

Anonymous said...

Yes, almost, isn't anticipation a two edged sword? I love the fact that you two always leave a memory trail no one elsecan follow! Love Mom C