June 28, 2008

New Rules

Rule #1: Sharing is good until it involves a baby, a cat, a highchair, and a bowl of food.

Look mom, I'm sharing!

Why are you looking at me like that?

Rule #2: Never try to substitute your digital camera with your phone camera (sorry for the poor quality of the above pictures)

Rule #3: When with rash go to the Doctor. Mike was diagnosed with Lyme Disease today but is on meds and on the mend. Three cheers for local drop-in urgent care facilities with fantastic doctors. The patient is doing well but complained of cramps, cold sweats, and body aches before going to bed. Best case scenario he comes out of this with a better understanding of the monthly female joy of PMS and worst case scenario, well let's just skip that one for now.

Rule #4: Love your family. We've had two of Ashton's grandmothers and his great grandmother in town over the past two weeks and the visits have been lovely. Ashton has been all smiles unless you're withholding his fruit cup, in which case it's not-so-smiley, but even then he's still adorable. We love our family for all their virtues but have to admit that the virtue of an extra hand during messy blowout might top the list. Just maybe.

Today he clapped, ate blueberries, enjoyed some bubble blowing time with grandma, (which meant a few minutes of solo mommy & daddy time...priceless!) and conked out around 7PM. Dad followed shortly after once his meds kicked in, and mom will crawl in soon. I love being 3.


Anonymous said...

So did the Grandma's take to changing blow out diapers like a fish to water? G Aunti Kathy
ps tell Mike that I hope he recovers quickly!

Amanda & Andrew said...

I'm hoping the antibiotics work. Worst case scenario won't happen (it won't!)...

Cute photos.

Gamma! said...

OK...so I got sick baby, Grandma C gets sick daddy...does it follow that Auntie Julie gets . . . NO WAY! Everything will be perfect by the time she gets there :) Lyme disease? Where are all the deer in New Paltz? You found them whereever . . . and more good (no!) news this morning . . . Caleb is sick - guess the night at gamma and papa's was too much for him :( So...gamma and papa get to take Kayla and Micah to the Star Wars exhibit this morning! Yea! Grandparents in town isn't so bad :) Anyway, have a grand rest of the visit and I hope Mike recovers quickly! Looks like Ashton is doing wonderful and learning who his friends are, as long as he feeds them :) Love to you all, gamma

Janelle said...

So sorry to hear Mike got sick. Glad you had extra hands out there though to help out! Ashton looks adorable, even in a camera phone picture!!

Have a fun Sunday!

Anonymous said...

That kitty picture is so funny! Animals and children make for great photos.
Sure hope hubby feels better soon.


Misty said...

I love you being 3 too. Just makes me smile!