June 7, 2008

One More Picture

Couldn't resist adding this one!


Anonymous said...

Great shot Jo. I have the headshot from the last batch as my screensaver now. Grandma Tull and I have these pics plastered on our fridge's and we talk to Ash all the time. Mom C

Anonymous said...

The pictures are worth a million dollars. He is soooo beautiful. He has such a darling smile. I ve been telling the Ethiopian parking attendant where I park for work all about him. And one of the things I said was "He is so beautiful." And she matter of factly said "All Ethiopians are." And we chuckled. She is teaching me a new ahramic(sp) phrase or word a week. Then I call Oma and tell her. I pray that you have a safe and spewing free trip home! G Aunti Kathy

Amanda & Andrew said...

I could see why you couldn't resist adding this one. Precious.

I'm sorry Ashton's having problems with his tummy. You're probably very right to go ahead and go "back in time" to an age that has a softer diet so he can adjust.

I'm hoping the docs will say all is fine, it's just a little inconvenience for you and an upset tummy for him.

Safe travels McGregors! :)

Anonymous said...

I've never met you but I know your sister Julie and Janella (and Ben and kids). Julie shared your blog with me, I hope it's ok that I post. I was on a missions trip to Ethiopia in Feb/March of this year and fell in love with the people and the country and your son is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your newest addition and who knows, maybe if you visit your family in MN I'll actually get to meet all of you. In the mean time, safe travels and praying God's richest blessings on your family.

Renee said...

have a wonderful trip home! Love all the photos- he is simply gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jo and Mike.... he is just AMAZING!!!! Skip NY, and get that boy here to MN so we can love on him!!! (I know, I know.... we'll wait):-(!!!

Safe travels to all of you!!!

Amanda and John said...

HE is adorable! The photos and the updates were wonderful to read. Have a safe trip back to the US and we look foward to reading more about it!