June 9, 2008

Momma Sing Sing Thatcha Gotta Jiboo. Papa Sing Gotta Jibboo!

We made it. We're in one piece (well 3 actually) and short of our washer/dryer deciding that today was the day to cease functioning all is well and settled. Thank goodness for corner laundromats with drop-off service. Ashton did incredibly well on the flights. I don't know if his new diet had anything to do with it or if he's really started to entertain the idea of attaching to us, but we saw smiles and giggles that we had never seen before and it was so much fun. He is quite a tease, however, so as often as he'd flash a smile he'd also flash a closed-mouth grin with some serious eye contact behind it saying, "watch out, I've got you wrapped around my little finger and I'm not afraid to use it!" He completely conked out once we got from JFK to our car, and slept the entire 2 hour ride home. I highly doubt he even knew he was in a car seat. No, this he didn't figure out until we went to the grocery store and then he decided that he indeed does not like car seats. We'll be working on that. Can't wait till we get to introduce him to Brooklyn and the NYC subway!

He LOVED his first meal in his highchair. The fact that he had access to a handful of Cherios that he didn't have to fish out of a snack-trap was just heaven to him. Don't get me wrong, he loves his snack-trap (and sharing his Cherios with daddy), but to have so many Cherios right in front of him with zero obstacles all for the taking? Baby sugar. His first bath at home was alright, although we're still searching for the fine line between "wow this is fun there are so many toys look at this one go splish splash" and "get me out of here I'm freezing cold what are you mad woman?!!". We'll be working on this also.

It's 95 degrees and hot, humid, and sticky in NY today and tomorrow so we have the fan blasting in Ash's room and the cats are sprawled out in the coolest part of the house looking as though they don't plan to move until someone serves them an umbrella drink. We're watching Ash's every move with our handy-dandy video baby monitor while contemplating the best way to post our top 10 lessons learned from the past 9 days. Not guaranteeing any real pearls of wisdom, but we did have a few "ah-ha" moments that might be useful to share. So, once we realize we're no longer in Oz with HOH nannies nearby to help or the staff at the Sheraton Addis around the corner to change crib sheets we'll pull it together enough to write them down and share with the lot of you getting ready to travel. Till then here are some cute new pics!

Ashton enjoying his first plane ride

Ashton meeting Bode and Bridger (Bode is in the background...safe)

Bath time and eating time (and a look at his drop-you-dead-in-your-tracks closed-mouth smile I spoke of earlier!)


Amanda and John said...

I love love love these updates! Ashton is so cute..! I keep checking your blog to see how its going! Congrats! You make a great family!

Anonymous said...

Yay, a successful trip. It does look like some attaching is going on and I am so happy to see it. I know it's too early to know anything for sure EXCEPT the family is home and a new chapter begins today. WHOPEE. Hugs and kisses to all. Love Grandma C

Renee said...

welcome home! have fun!

Amanda & Andrew said...

Oooh..you're right. What a flirty smile that boy has! Good luck with that.

I can't wait to hear your top ten things learned! :)
So glad you're home safe and the getting accustomed to home can begin!

LISA said...

Welcome Home McGregor Family!!
What a wonderful trip!!

julie said...

What a beautiful family! The pic on the plane with his smile is SOOOOOOO cute!!! Love hugs & kisses to my nephew!

Aunti Jewels

Brooke said...

Welcome Home McGregor family! Your little Ashton is so darn cute. I can tell by his pictures that he is for sure a flirt. So, so, cute!

We can't wait to hear about your travel. I hope you can get some sleep and enjoy being a family of three....plus two cats. :) Without any bats. Oh, I feel like Dr.Seuss!


Rob, Renee & Peyton said...

Welcome home!!! I know you are so happy to be back at home. Only 12 more days until our journey begins. Can't wait to hear about your Top Ten list. :) Congrats on bringing your cutie home.

Gamma! said...

Welcome home to all of you, but a special welcome to our dearest little Ashton. What a smile - and yes, what a flirtatious little smile we do have - can't wait to see it in person! And now you can get on with the rest of your lives where "normal" does not exist :)
Love you all, mom/gamma

Cloverland Farm said...

y'all look so so happy!
thanks for keeping the updates coming. we are all over your blog to keep up. congrats and welcome home!!!!

Jodi said...

So GLAD to see you are back safe and sound and he looks wonderful. Hooray for you all.

Lisa and Cory said...

It's been so fun following your blog, as our dossier just went to D.C. and then it's on its way to Ethiopia! I'm so happy for your family!

I have a couple of questions regarding travel for you...could you email me back?

Thanks and congrats!


Anonymous said...

Our new Nephew is absolutly precious! What a sweet and handsome little man... we can't wait to be with all 3 of you.... sometime :-) When is our 1st family video cam?
Auntie Janelle

Craig & Cindy said...

Just awesomeness! Congratulations. Your fam is gorgeous!