June 14, 2008

Family & Friends

Aside from endless giggling, drooling, being awake, and learning new foods (we're on to peaches and carrots!) the past 48 hours have also been packed with introducing Ash to family and friends. And now we're in the midst of a massive thunderstorm which can only mean one thing...Christmas movies! Ashton is all over the place with his blocks, shapes games, sneaky maneuvers, and still wont eat peas. Can't imagine why...they're green and mushy, what could be tastier?


julie said...

So cute!! I just cant get enough of all his smiles! It looks like a great time was had with Uncle Gary, Jean and Jess....wish I could have been there! 3 more loooong weeks and I can play with him alllll night! Love to all!

Auntie Jewels

Gamma! said...

This child was made for the movies! And the webcam this morning was so special too - we may be miles apart, but how close we can feel - just can't touch :( Soon, though, very soon I'll be there Ash, you we'll cuddle and giggle and I can't wait! Love to you all, Gamma