June 7, 2008

New Diet, Fewer Spewings

We are so thankful that there are other families on this trip with us who are not first time parents. We've basically bombarded them with a zillion questions and they've been kind enough to share their experiences with us. And they don't even care when he spews bright pink yongurt all over the van (and me...and others) or when he spews bright yellow...uh, yeah that stuff...all over the van later that same day. Even better they've been kind enough to examine said spewings to let us know if they're the healthy kind or the kind we need to be worried about. For the most part they're the healthy kind, and Mike and I are getting very good at cleaning up disasters quickly! We think he's lactose intollerant and switched to lactose free formula today, and have also reverted to a diet more customary to a 6-9 month old both of which should help reduce his spewings. He may be 13 months old, but physcially he is more like 6-9 months so we basically need to start from scratch with his diet. Formula, rice cereal, bananas, and cherios every now and then. He'll catch up soon, but for now it's slow and steady.
We did decide to leave tomorrow (Sunday) which will put us in to JFK Monday at 7:45AM. We just want to get him to a doctor and have him examined so that we can be 100% sure we're doing every neccessary to get him back on track. We're bummed that we'll miss out on 2 days of exploring Addis, but we've had an amazing 7 days and will return one day. 
New favorite phrases:
Oh don't worry, that's completely normal!
Oh don't worry, that will wash right out.
Oh don't worry, my son's explosion ruined the hotel crib. They're probably going to have to burn it.
Oh don't worry, my daughter projectile vomited across the dinner table at the restaurant last night, it hit the man sitting next to us square in the back.
Just a couple pictures - Enjoy!


Gamma! said...

Enjoy? I live for them! :) We'll be praying you home through the long plane ride, and also praying ahead that the doctors in NYC will know exactly what to do to make him all better. Have a blessed last day in Addis! Love you, mom

Anonymous said...

Good call on coming home, peace of mind is worth lots. He is my favorite and most adorable Grand Baby! Praying for a safe and uneventful flight home. Love to all three in the McGregor family! Mom C

Brooke said...

Oh, I'm cracking up right now. I love your list of new lingo. Nothin better than vomit and poo talk for parents!!!!

LISA said...

Glad you can come home early.
LOVE the pics!!!

courtney rose said...

I'm glad to hear you have a lot of support to help you with whatever you might be needing right now. Being lactose intolerant is such a yucky thing- I'm hoping the new formula will make things all better. Bravo!

By the way- I think the latest picture you have of Ashton with Mike is my favorite (the solo picture above this post). DARLING!

Kathryn & Kevin said...

He looks so sweet! This probably wasn't the best post to read when I am starting to eat lunch.