June 14, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

No question in this household, Dad's the word today! Click here to read a special feature in CHI's June newsletter about the special bond between Mike and Ashton. They truly are a soulful match. Ashton Wondemu is a strong serious loving and giggly boy who knows exactly who his forever daddy is. Happy? Hungry? Excited? Tired? Anxious? Cranky? Just needing something new? Pass him to daddy and on come the smiles! Honestly the bond between these two is just precious, and I'm honored to be a mother in the McGregor family of Mike, Ash, and Jo.

Happy Fathers Day daddy - we love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Mike. We have so many reasons to be proud of you and this, becoming a father yourself, is our proudest! Our job as parents is to prepare our children for all of the experiences the world might toss to them and fatherhood is the most prestigious and fullfilling. Congratulations as you begin your own journey. We love you! Mom & Stan

Stacie said...

So sweet! Happy First Father's Day Mike!!

Gamma! said...

Happy Father's Day Mike - your amazing journey has begun. And now you can celebrate Mother's Day for real Jo with your son in arms! We're so very proud of both of you and the love you have chosen to share with precious Ashton. Have a very special day together - forever! Love, mom/gamma and papa

Renee said...

That is awesome!! Happy Father's Day!

Amanda & Andrew said...

Well, you've done it!

You've made me cry.
Beautiful pictures.