June 19, 2008

My First Swing & Slide

It's been busy since grandma arrived! Ashton is still on the verge of walking and devoured two meals today: Amie's Organic Pasta O's for lunch and homemade soba noodles with taco chicken and corn for dinner. He's always willing to try what you put in front of him and makes the cutest little smushy face when he's unsure of the flavor, but usually decides to eat it regardless. He gets more giggly by the day and we discovered today that he loves the swing and gigantic sand box at the local park (where we ran into our local pediatrician and conned him into reading Ashton's TB test because we missed their office hours by a few minutes...he's going to love us!).

Just a bit of footage of the little dude from today - Enjoy!

Ashton's first swing

Ashton's first slide


Anonymous said...

Another first, too cute. He continues to be happy and see sooooo content. Good for you guys.
(I still don't get the ice thing though?) Mom C

Amanda & Andrew said...

I like how at the bottom of the slide he stops to think....
and then he starts walking again :)


(Notice how those swing sets have toddler seats with plastic that goes up higher on the waist than they did when we were kids. IF they had those slides when we were kids, they had low plastic so when you'd lean forward--WOOPS--right out of the seat!)

Stacie said...

Sooo cute! You all look like you're having a wonderful time! I love it!

Brooke said...

Wow, you do almost have a walker on your hands. Watch out, he's going to be in everything before you know it!