July 1, 2008

July? Seriously?

I'm literally in shock. I have absolutely no idea where June went, and am completely unwilling to dedicate any energy to figuring it out so am running with the plan to be really excited about it being July and just passing off June as a month that was. The last 30 days have been, have been, crap I just can't finish that sentence. Assigning an adjective feels like way oversimplifying. We flew to Dubai then Addis Ababa and met our son and then traveled with him in Ethiopia and actually took him home with us!

We introduced him to his new bedroom and the completely foreign idea of sleeping one to a crib in a room all by yourself, alone. We worked through this and now he (might) kind of like it and has gone from eating anything you put in front of him to actually being picky (don't you dare show him the fruit before he's finished his vegetable - and if you show him a freshly baked sweet potato forget about it, that's all he'll eat!). He's still shy, but but he GIGGLES! Playtime has gone from being crazy over the top observant for any signs of things that may need attention to just good 'ol fashioned playtime. When mom puts him in his crib for the night he knows she'll be there when he wakes up, and he still saves his messiest diapers for dad (I'm convinced this is on purpose, used purely as an excuse to get more time with dad!).

He's met family and friends and the necessary locals (the toy shop owner, of course) and will meet his auntie Jewels this weekend. And at the end of every single day I'm still his mom and Mike is still his dad. It just doesn't get any better.

Ashton clapping for the first time to Waltzing Matilda

Happy July everybody, and congrats to all of the recent CHI referrals!


Gamma! said...

Pretty cute - that's all I've got to say :) Love you all! Happy July! Oh, and if you think June went fast, just wait for what you say about where the past 20 years goes! Enjoy every single moment.

julie said...

So cute! The whole year is just flying by! Two more days and i'll be there....cant wait to see you all! Love, hugs, and kisses to my lil' ash! See you soon :)

Anonymous said...

One Grandma and one geat grandma (oma) came home last night from their magical moments with Ashton Wondemu! Both were full of enthusiam about the newest member of the family. Wonderful pictures were shared and stories about Ashtons antics. It sounds like his personality is as beautiful as he is. Enjoy!! It only gets better and better. Love G Aunti kathy

Stacie said...

He is such a cutie! Love the foot tapping! :)
And, I've been wondering where June went too - it goes by so fast when you have a little one to keep you busy!!

Anonymous said...

Having experienced the clapping first hand I really miss it! Our visit left us head over heels in love with the cutest, brightest, most beautiful child in the whole wide world. Seriously, this kid should be a model. Happy 4th to you all. Love Mom C

Janelle said...

Very precious! He is just adorable! Wish we were all comming out to see you 3! Have a happy 4th! Can't wait to hear how Ash's first fireworks goes!

Brooke said...

Happy 4th! What a cute little clapper you have there. Aww, he's just to precious.

Your package arrived and I have the clothes all packed in our donations bag. Only 12 more days!!!