July 14, 2008

A 6 Week Groove

Today I'm feeling it. We've been together 6 weeks which means I'm officially in my 7th of 12 weeks of maternity leave. It's about time I started to feel like (or act like) I get whats going on. Thankfully, today I think I did. I've started waking up 5 minutes before him in the morning (though tonight we're working on a new "let's sleep past 6AM" routine...wish me luck), I can sense when a diaper change is inevitable (pre-stink sometimes!), and I no longer fear putting together a diaper bag for any number of occasions. I will remember the essentials most of the time and those I forget we will find at the nearest Food Emporium. I have a lot to work on in the realm of mommy'ing but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I found my 6 week groove. Phew.

Of course there will continue to be my "wonderings in process" and questions I'll frantically search for answers to and moments when I question everything. Like these:

*Hair: We're currently using a mix of Arbonne and Caren skin/hair products on Ash, though once the free samples my mom gave us run out we'll likely switch to Carol's Daughter for two reasons: The bomb in African hair care and right around the corner from our apartment in Brooklyn. My questions - We went on a friend's suggestion to start using coconut oil, and I'm a little confused about the actual process. Do you apply the oil to the skin nightly right before bed or do you coincide it with bath time or when is the best time to apply? And, when using it on his hair should I leave it in for a while and then wash it out or rinse it out or leave it in?

*gDiapers: We took a break for 3 weeks because Ashton wasn't quite regular and the frequent overloads were creating more laundry than we could keep up with and the frustration quadrupled when traveling. I think a lot of it had to do with his skinny legs just not quite fitting the cloth portion of the diaper allowing for quite a bit of leakage. So we opted for sanity and went with disposables for 3 weeks, but are now happily back to our gDiapers and today he made it through the entire day without needing a new cloth portion! Not one spill! I hope this lasts, I really want to continue with our g's.

It's supposed to be 85 and sunny in NY tomorrow - sounds like a day at the village pool where I will take pictures/video. Today turned in to one long 16 hour play fest with the worlds most energetic 14 month old and he hid my camera for most of it. No worries, I bribed him with Nilla Wafers and got it back after dinner, just after we discovered that he does not like veggie curry.


Gamma! said...

Good morning world! I'm still on your time zone, but tomorrow I head home only to wash and repack my jammies to come by you! I can't wait!!! Anyway, you're one smart boy Ashton - how about Gamma's homemade veggie beef soup instead of that curry stuff :)

Enjoy the pool - maybe we can enjoy it together in a couple of days. And I can't wait to see those pictures later today - quit hiding the camera on mommy!!! My colleages love seeing your pics! Love you all, Gamma

Lisa and Cory said...

Thanks for the comment on gdiapers. I'm taking mental notes of everything since I'm SUCH a newbie at all this. Love your blog!

~ Lisa

courtney rose said...

A 6 week groove sounds pretty chill. I'm glad you made it- all systems intact and prepared for the next 6 weeks.

I love the pic of Ashton in your profile spot. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Jo, I'm no help on the hair care products, since mine is fine and straight BUT I can tell you that you had your groove when I was out 2 weeks ago, you just didn't "feel" it but I saw it. Take heart woman yor're a MOM through and through. Love Mom C