July 22, 2008

Brooklyn Or Bust

We do things best when done at the last minute. Tonight around dinner time we decided that it's time to introduce Ash to the Brooklyn apartment, so we leave tomorrow...in 12 hours. Mike has 3 days of NYC shoots scheduled, I have some work related engagements that I'd like to attend, and the apartment is just waiting for us to bombard it with a pack n play and zillions of musical toys and tossing shapes and rings - so why not take advantage of the moment, right? It has to happen sometime and there's no time like the present. He's chilled in the NYC a few times since we've been home but we haven't spent the night yet, so we're cross honoring all prayer coupons in hopes that there's a God out there who will help him sleep through the night without waking the 5 separate families who share walls with us...we wont be in Kansas anymore Toto.

We're hoping the occasional icee or tickle-induced smile will help with the transition!

We're making progress with the daycare/nanny situation. Everything is still pretty up in the air but it looks like we may be able to sign on 2-4 different babysitters to care for Ashton in our home while we work during the week, and all of them are available for the occasional weeknight/weekend date also. And our neighbor (who is the most caring adorable cat sitter ever) offered to start learning the babysitting ropes as well, so we may start breaking her in as early as next week for post-bedtime outings - fabulous! Who knows what will actually end up panning out but at least there are clear reliable options for now. Phew.

So for now we're enjoying our daytime reading sessions

And of course our favorite play mat reorganization time!

It's Brooklyn or bust baby, I think we're ready.


Jodi said...

I noticed the scar on his arm and Destiny has an awful one that just won't heal... why do they give them shots in the arm? Just wondering on this one... no one seems to be able to tell me that, yet..

Annie said...

oh,Jo, that smile...how do you manage to do anything but adore Ashton all day?? Hope it all goes well in Brooklyn ;)