July 2, 2008

A Day Of Food And General Cuteness

Lots of firsts today:
*Ashton's first lunch at a Japanese restaurant. He enjoyed chewing on the pickled veggies and loved the seaweed salad dad fed to him using chopsticks! (No raw fish this time...yet)
*He discovered animal crackers! Grandma brought them last weekend and today decided it was time to open the box. About 4 crackers in to the experience he even forced himself to take 4 steps COMPLETELY SOLO just so that he wouldn't have to put the box down to get from point A to point B! He tipped over after the 4th step, but it was still adorable.
*I was chopping garlic while feeding him dinner and he pointed to one of the whole cloves. Those of you who have met Ashton know that when he points to something you had better give it to him, so I did. And he sucked on it...the entire clove of garlic. I had to pry it out of his hands about a minute into gut-busting laughter - he had no idea what was so funny.
*General cuteness - the last 4 pictures are just because.



julie said...

Aw, so cute! I just love his smile! I cant wait to take him out to restaurants and show him off.... maybe he can teach me how to use chop sticks!! 2 more days!!! See you very soon!!

Anonymous said...

What a charmer. I had forgotten all about the animal ccrackers. 4 steps watch out world... and Mom and Dad. All heaven is about to break loose! Mom C

Gamma! said...

This child is a charmer from day 1! And that smile will get him anything - plus he's so smart to boot! And us grandmas aren't prejudiced at all - he's all that and more besides :) Love to you all, Gamma - and Papa and I are counting the days till we get to come out and enjoy you too Ashton! Better start resting up - after Auntie Julie come though :)

Sandi said...

So adorable!!

Janelle said...

He is so cute! I love the garlic shots! Those animal crackers are my favorite too... I guess you know what you can use for bribes in his future :-)

Have a super awesome time with Julie this weekend! Wish we could be there!
Love you all!