July 5, 2008

Meets And Greets

My sister came to town yesterday and to kick off a fabulous weekend the 4 of us enjoyed an afternoon Brooklyn BBQ at casa cloverlandfarm. The you better make it a double family (soon to be triple!) were able to make it as well and Ashton took to the girls immediately. He was mesmerized by Hilina's singing and Saida's quick moves and loved soaking up the rays while basking in the kiddie pool. He even got to ride on his first Harley at a local toy store in Brooklyn (watch out Papa!) before heading upstate. Today he turned 14 months and spent the day being adorable and loving his Auntie Jewels who gave him the coolest new toy - a Sesame Street push/ride along truck that sings about colors and shapes! He spent the evening pushing it around the house and took multiple steps on his own while rolling it from one side of the living room to the other, and even showed off his skills of being able to mount his new truck forwards, backwards, and sideways...we have a climber on our hands.

Two days of photo ops:

Ashton discovering the joys of the local toy store upstate:

Ashton loving the giant bubble machine!

Happy 14 month birthday Ashton - Mama and Dada love you!


Gamma! said...

Happy birthday Ashton! We love you and can't wait to have lots of fun with you in only 12 days!!! You'd better rest up good so you're ready for us :) That include mommy and daddy too :) Love to you all, mom/gamma

Stacie said...

Cutie! That all looks like fun!

courtney rose said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun at the party.... I'm SO jealous!