July 24, 2008

He's A Brooklyn Boy

So I should probably start this post with a warning that there are no pictures. Sorry, but the camera was at the bottom of the diaper bag...with the leaky applesauce. Num.

He loves Brooklyn. He loves Manhattan. And I'm sure if we took him to the Bronx, Queens, or Statan Island he would love those too. He's just a NY boy through and through, but a Brooklyn boy to the core. We setup the pack n play and he slept really well last night and is currently in deep sleep mode for night #2. He's been wheeled to Carol's Daughter where we picked up some hair milk and introduced him to a local Brooklyn Park (he LOVES slides!) and spent dinner at Sushi D where mom and dad enjoyed a fabulous meal while the child decided that his sweet potato tempura (that the chef prepared special for him) belonged on the sidewalk, not in his mouth... nice move son, how do we teach him that pissing off the local sushi chef is NEVER a good idea?

He's just good all around. Yes, he has a shrill of a scream that activates randomly for no apparent reason and wont stop until an entire box of fig newtons is made available, and YES, if you miss his naptime or so much as THINK of skipping his soy milk bottle at the exact time he demands it WATCH OUT. But aside from those things he really is good all around. And cute too.

He's all cute, all Brooklyn, all New Paltz, and all mine. (oh, and his dad's too...)


Annie said...

I second that...Ashton is ALL CUTE :)

Glad that it's going well in Brookyln...you're making me want to take a visit to NYC....how I love that city!(Maybe when my friends' condo is finished at Times Square??) We would love to see you again!

Annie said...

PS. I don't think i have told you yet how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of Ashton along the top of your blog. Great job!

Cloverland Farm said...

rock the BK!

Misty said...

Sounds like he's just a peach, and has a little bit of spunk, which he would have to have to fit in the McGregor family...I'm just guessing here. Totally based of your writing;-)

janelle said...

So glad it all went smoothly for you all! We have ben thinking about you, and wondering how it is going.

We can not wait to meet him and see all 3 of you in just 1 week!!! Who hoo!!!