July 11, 2008

So Close To Running

All three of us are in a spot right now that feels like we're so close to running. The video of Ashton at the end of this post provides a great visual (and personally I think it's worth watching the entire minute and a half just to see the sheer lust of a one year old after Grandma's cookies!) but to summarize...

Ashton: Depending on the carrot you dangle in front of him he'll take anywhere from 2 to 10 steps on his own. He loves the park and loves the pool and LOVES staring at other children, so if you combine animal crackers or strawberry fig newtons with any of those things you can pretty much guarantee yourself a viewing of at least 5-6 steps. So close to running.

Jo: Every day I ask myself two questions. How do people do this for 12 weeks? And, How do people do this for 12 weeks? The first time is usually because I'm dreaming of going back to work and am very excited about being in the throws of things once again. The second time is usually because I can't possibly imagine leaving Ashton with a daycare center or nanny and just want to do it all myself instead of returning to work. The first round of the question always wins, but it's taken me quite a few times of asking myself that question to truly internalize the answer, so I'm categorizing it as close to running. Maybe tomorrow.

Mike: Has never really been one for walking so for the most part is already running and will always be. His challenge resides more in the realm of figuring out where else to run. And he will.

A quick video of Ashton so close to running - any day now!

Quick lead test/county involvement clarification - When a child is blood tested (in NY at least, not sure about other areas) the results are automatically sent to the local county health department which is how ours found out about Ashton's lead levels (which have since decreased to an acceptable level - YEAH!). So, if your little one has blood drawn the results of those tests may be shared with your local county health department automatically and they would then follow up on any red flags. This is what happened to us. Everything is fine, they (now) understand the circumstances, and things are chugging along. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

He is so darn cute and so darn smart! (Especially since he recognizes good cookies!) It's so fun to watch the video's and see the progress. Did I tell you my Mike/run story? For days at home I kept teaching Mike to run and then clapping and positively reinforcing the behavior. Then one day we go to the store and he gets out of the car and runs across the parking lot and I yell at him and make him cry. Then Stan says "You're kind of giving him mixed messages, aren't you!" It's good to be Mom!! Keep enjoying this minute by minute. Love Mom C

Annie said...

Ashton looks so great...YAY!! hugs to him from Maya Fasika and me :)

Glad that the health department issues are getting straightened out--

Gamma! said...

Good morning - on the morning after :) Thanks for the adoreable picture - my Atlanta showroom things you're perfectly adoreable Ashton! And by the time Papa and I get there next week we'll have to run to keep up with you by the looks of things! I'd better get rested up! Have a great weekend! Love you all, gamma