July 19, 2008

A Cup Of Water And Confirmation From Karma

Karma has officially taken over with the going back to work situation and all is now right with the world (well in this case at least). I'm convinced it was karma that took over the movement in my husbands hands yesterday to make them dump a glass of water on my laptop. Some might not initially see how this could be a good karmic sign, however the beads continued to work and this morning after a night of drying out my laptop was in 100% tip top shape. This is confirmation enough for me that all obstacles will eventually be sorted out and karma is on my side. Not even a water bath for my laptop will get in my way! This will, however, most definitely have depleted my karma bank so I better spend my final weeks of maternity leave restoring it. Plenty to do.

We had a miniature family reunion today and are wiped - smiling, but wiped. Pictures to come of a day with dancing aunties, crazy cousins, and a grandpa wearing a bright pink boa around his neck! And of course a few shots of one particular beautiful boy.

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