July 16, 2008

New Rules

New Rule #1: Never under any circumstances own up to "catching on" or "getting it" when discussing the act of parenting. And NEVER do so publicly on the internet, on a blog for instance. If such an act occurs the previously mentioned "6 week groove" is guaranteed to be flushed down the toilette with little more than a swish and a splash to remind you that catching on and getting it just aren't a part of parenting vocabulary so just run with your groove and keep quiet.

New Rule #2: Don't pay attention to Rule #1. You've got it, you've caught on, and your groove rocks.

New Rule #3: It's OK to divert from the advice in adoption parenting books once you know your child and can sense what they need and how they're going to learn. Nothing matches the connection felt between parents and their children, not even advice from the most prestigious of professionals. A mother's instinct doesn't come from the juice in an umbilical cord and there isn't a specialist out there who has been pooped on bonded with your child as you have. Have confidence in the meaning of that.

The dinosaur swimming pool was indeed a hit, though tomorrow we'll be moving it to a sunnier location. Even in 90 degree heat it can be a little chilly for our little man when swimming in the shade. He LOVED the slide - definitely worth the extra $4.99.

You'll notice the neatly cut up pieces of strawberry on his tray, that he wouldn't touch, because there was a much larger whole strawberry on dad's plate, that he wanted, and he got...


Gamma! said...

And I've got to sleep and go through another 12 hours before seeing this amazing and adoreable child?! How will I survive! We are sooo very excited to see you all - amazing how someone so little can turn your world upside down and make you do strange things - like travel across country - no matter how tired you are!!! Love you - see you tomorrow and can't wait!

Cloverland Farm said...

he looks so so happy! and a little fuller in the face! :)

Janelle said...

Those new pics at the top of the page are just priceless! So cute!

I love the pool! Hope yours lasts longer than our pirate adventure (blow up slide got a whole and ther pieces are deflating... not worth the $$ poor Micah spent on it). Will be a great thing to have on those hot days!

Have a super time with mom and dad.

Craig & Cindy said...

Great advice.

He is so loveably cute.


courtney rose said...

Check out those tats! Woo-hoo!

Ashton is so super dooper sweet... and I dig your advice about the mothering instinct. Right on.

Bonny said...

one of the few things I've learned with certainty about parenting is that as soon as I get everything figured out ... everything changes.