July 15, 2008

Cell Phone Today, Swimming Tomorrow

We didn't quite get to the pool today but did purchase a gigantic inflatable dinosaur swimming pool that we'll fill up in the yard tomorrow and is sure to please - the next 5 days are supposed to be scorchers. I see swimming, frozen treats, and a naked 14 month old in our future... That is, as long as any important calls don't come in for him on my cell. My recent method for convincing my husband that I need to upgrade from a Blackberry to an iPhone is to let Ashton use my cell whenever he wants, thereby slobbering all over it and dropping it frequently which (if all goes well) will eventually render it useless, and oh darn in need of a new phone! Sorry love, it's all for the good of our son, really!

Checking out the new pool

Just some of his many important phone conversations

I've been using the coconut oil on his skin just before bedtime for a few nights now and I can't believe how smooth his skin has gotten. It was smooth before using an Aveeno/Arbonne combination (which we still apply every morning) but the evening coconut oil rub is definitely the way to go. Tonight I tried rubbing just a little in his hair so we'll see how that works tomorrow.

On the readoption front, we're definitely going to need to hire a lawyer (the process differs state to state, from what I gather NY is relatively simple but expensive and lawyer intensive) and we're going to go ahead and get his SSN before starting the readoption process. Once we have his SSN we'll move ahead with the adoption lawyer which will coincide with the name change which will necessitate a new social security card. Then we're done, dusted, finished, cheers.


Gamma! said...

And I'll bet you ordered the scorchered days just for our visit! Thanks guys! Get the pool ready! How adoreable are those pics! You'll have to teach him what his grandmas speed dials are! That will make all the slobbering worthwhile. :) And the coconut oil rub down - wow! He must be smooth as silk, not to speak of being really smelly good! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, I love the banner too! Gamma's right, he must smell good enough to eat. Can't wait to see the pool in full swing. Just finished the invites for the party which will go out tomorrow. So will a box for you all too. I love you all. Grandma C

Cloverland Farm said...

love the new banner! sounds like things are progressing smoothly. such happy days!