May 26, 2008

Email To Blogger

This is just a test to make sure that I can email posts to our blog when we're in Ethiopia. Quick question for anyone in the BTDT group who used a Blackberry while in Ethiopia - were you able to send/receive emails as usual and how was the cell/data service in general? Or did you use other/hotel computers to email? Thanks for any tips you can send our way!


Gamma! said...

I don't know about e-mails, but I sure hope our camcorder works! How do we test that? :)The Gamma

Gamma! said...

Oops! it's a WEBcam - sorry for my ignorance :) All I know is I sure hope it works so we can see you all while you're in Ethiopia!

Jodi said...

Hi you two -
so glad to see you are heading over to pick up that little cutie. We are STILL waiting for a court date - if you happen to see our little girl, I would LOVE to hear how she is... if you have time to e-mail me ---
Thanks a ton.

DawnKane said...

Hey Mike and Jo-
Make sure you have global service on your blackberry, and make sure Ethiopia is one of the countries that is part of the global services. My guess is probably not, but who knows. You can also get a sim card if you really want to.

Have a fabulous and safe journey!
Dawn and Kane Webber