May 20, 2008

Updates and Details!

(Scroll down for some pretty adorable pictures!)

So basically we haven't stopped smiling since yesterday and have tacked on the word "mom" or "dad" to every sentence we say to each other. "What do you want from the coffee shop, dad?" "Are you going to finish that last piece of sushi, mom?" We have our flights on hold and will hopefully be taking off on June 1st, just waiting on confirmation of our US Embassy appointment in Addis Ababa before we make the purchase. We're leaning towards flying Emirates Airline and spending a night in Dubai on the way there, with just one very short layover on the flight back. Short...yeah, I'm sure that's a word we will not be using at any point during the 22 hour trip home! Now we need to figure out if we'll be staying at the House of Hope, the Hilton, or the Sheraton, but are really hoping we can stay at the House of Hope for at least a few of the nights.

Now here's my favorite part of this post - DETAILS! They came in the form of two emails from CHI moms who recently returned home with their children. They had spent lots of time at CHI's transition home, House of Hope, which is where Ash currently is. They were able to love, play with, and feed him! Below are some of the details they were able to share with me. I can't tell you how floored we were to receive such thoughtful emails from two complete strangers who had spent time with our son as recently as a couple weeks ago. Amazing. THANK YOU!

Here is a snapshot of my favorite bits of the emails - Enjoy!

"I fed Wondemu. He was so sweet, at first he just held his bottle, but after he realized that I was willing to hold it for him he started playing with my hair."

"The fuzz on his head is so soft and he seems to love it if someone rubs his head."

"He wasn't walking yet when we were there, but he did a great job when I would hold his hands. He does pull up on furniture, but very slowly and cautiously. His crawl is hilarious, he sort of does a low military low-crawl, more elbows than hands, except he sticks his little diapered bottom pretty high in the air."

"He is plumpy round with rolls in all the right baby places."

"He seems to have excellent fine motor skills."

"He is a very sweet and beautiful boy. He is very shy and serious, but very cuddly and affectionate. He mostly liked to be held."


Gamma! said...

And we can't wait to hold him! Soon there will be the pitter pattering of little feet running across your floors, chasing the cats and running into your bedroom at 5AM to cuddle. And you won't mind a bit because you're mommy and daddy and life just doesn't get any better. Enjoy reveling in your new role in life!

Stacie said...

Mom and Dad has a wonderful ring to it, doesn't it? :) He sounds like a sweet baby! June 1st is right around the corner - eeek! So exciting!

The Williams Family Blog said...

We are so HAPPY for you. Congratulations and I am sure we will be among the list of those giving advice to the rest of us next.

Have a great trip!

julie said...

Ashton sounds absoultely WONDERFUL! It's so nice to hear from others that have been able to hold him....its real! Your a mommy and daddy! I cant wait to play with him and cuddle! Its just around the corner now!

Amanda & Andrew said...

I can certainly see why you would love those snippets from emails. :)
I haven't stopped smiling for you.
I'm so very happy that you are now Ashton's mom and dad officially!

Hopefully you'll be able to go pick him up very, VERY soon.

Brooke said...

What great news! Wow, in less than two weeks you will be holding your sweet son.

Can't wait to hear all the details!


Anonymous said...

Jessica is VERY excited about her new cousin. We'll be seeing the three of you soon, Gary, Jeanne and Jessica

Craig & Cindy said...

Awwwwww....those are such sweet words about your boy. So sugary sweet!


Annie said...

Didn't you love SweetPea's video?? Too cute when she said his name. I am so thrilled for you and I keep clicking back, looking at his photo. He's so sweet. I love all the updates you received. Makes your day to get to know him. This blogging world is amazing :)

LISA said...

Ahhh,how sweet a boy is he?!!!! Such a cutie, love that you are able to hear little infos about him.

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

He is precious. Sounds like you'll will have lots of cuddling time with Ash and I know you, mom, and dad, cannot wait.

Amanda & Andrew said...

Jo, I realize you guys may be bogged down with luggage, but Toni said they needed some donations for boys. We have some boys' clothing available for donation and I was wondering if you could fit it in with your stuff when you travel?

Please let me know if you can do this, if so-I'll mail it out to you ASAP.

LISA said...

By the way, just had to tell ya's that i love seeing his little face on other peoples blog comments.