May 12, 2008

Yup, That Was Me


That was me, shouting in frustration after being confronted with the realities of maternity leave standards in the USA.

And then that was me, dragging the cats into Brooklyn for the week when we decided that we just needed to do the city thing for a few days. Now.

And yes, that was me leaving my favorite nail salon after receiving the most fabulous spa pedicure (Mothers Day gift from hubby) so that I could wear my fabulous new peep toe shoes (also, Mothers Day gift from hubby) out to dinner this week. Big smiles.

Big smiles were then topped with sheer happiness when it was me walking out of Whole Foods with my very first starter kit of gDiapers. Yup, that was me walking through Union Square with a box of gDiapers. The cashier asked if I wanted a bag. Are you kidding me? I'm sporting my diaper purchase freestyle woman!

So finally, that was me wearing flip flops to sport my pretty new toes, toting a box of diapers in one hand and a bag of wine in the other, then stopping to pick up dinner from my favorite Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. Frustration Schmustration, these are happy days.

Oh, and one last thing. That was me sporting the "4 days until court" ticker at the top of the blog!

*Update: This is me, being grateful for employers willing to compromise in tough situations. But I have to admit Canada's policy sounds pretty nice!

**Better Update: THREE DAYS!!


Jason Graham-Nye said...

What a buggar about maternity leave.

My name is Jason Graham-Nye - one of the founders of gDiapers. I have two suggestions - Move to Canada (that's where the wife is from) where there is 1 year paid maternity leave for all. Move to Australia ( where I am from - not quite one year leave but we have better beaches than Canada)!

Give us a hoy on 503 546 4666 if you have any questions about gDiapers. Safe travels to Africa and enjoy those precious first moments. Am jealous.


dad/ CEO

Stacie said...

First - how cool that the CEO of gDiapers just left a comment on your blog!

Second - I get SOOOO frustrated by the fact that adoptive moms aren't given the same benefits as bio moms. Seriously - it gets me going. My company was the same - I had to use FMLA and all my vacation/sick time. (And then I quit - HAH!) I wish there were more rights for us as women/moms here.

Rebecca said...

For real?!? gDiapers reads your blog?!?

I can't even believe that about the vacation time. Really? I would change their mind. For them. How frustrating.

Sounds like you had fun in Brooklyn though! I might be a little jealous :)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that the preisdent of gDiapers reads your blog too, but a little less impressed when he refered to his partner as "the wife"! Regardless the gDiaper concept is too cool. As a woman of the 70's my advice to everyone is get involved. We have an opportunity to have our first woman president, I know she will make a difference. Go Hillary! Mom C

Amanda & Andrew said...

lol@ Canada's policy...
I hear ya!

And, that sounds like good times. :)

I'm glad you flaunted your gDiapers-go you!

Brooke said...

Whoa, Mr.G Dipers is a fan of the McGregor Blog! Nice!

I can totally picture you walking with your G dipers in one hand, and wine in the other. Perfect Combo!

LISA said...

I can see the commercial now!!
Almost hear the Mary Tyler Moore music playing as you are walk/dancing down the street!(ok you guys are to young to know the Mary Tyler Moore Show)....

Annie said...

But, Lisa, I'm not too young...I was hooked on that show.

Jo, yes, I can just see you, strolling through Brooklyn with that extra spring in your look at me, WORLD, I'm one hot momma :)

OK, you'll have to email me because I missed the first post...the one explaining your woes about maternity leave.

And, now, you have me counting hours....thanks for reminding me ;)