May 25, 2008

Packing & An Ergo Lesson

The start: Clean nursery and empty bags

Next: The beginning of organization and a necessary refueling

Making sure we have everything (for Ashton Wondemu at least, we'll handle our stuff later)

Packed...half way at least

Ergo Mom!

Ergo Dad! (only legal in 2 of 50 states, that I know of...yeah, that's our cat Bridger)


Amanda & Andrew said...

The pics of Mike with Bridger had me cracking up. I'm tearing up-seriously.

I love the face on Bridger in the first and last pictures.

That carrier-do Ashton's legs go off to one side?

Anonymous said...

Looks good and like you guys had fun! Mom C

gretchen said...

it's been so fun to follow your journey...and now it's all finally coming together!! So excited for you!

Annie said...

I love the photos....the cat in the ergo is too funny!

courtney rose said...

I can't stop giggling about the cat in the ergo. Pretty fabulous.

I love all your photo documentation!!