May 28, 2008

For The True Math Geeks

I owe this to a good friend and fellow math/science geek...Enjoy!

I Will Derive!

My Humps - Calculus

Sexy Back: Calculus Style


Gamma! said...

I see you've decided to lighten up a little :) Where do you find this stuff?!? Have a fabulous, albeit long day - and Sunday WILL come soon!

Norma said...

you, my friend, have too much time on your hands!!!
But clever....very cute.

Anonymous said...

Ok... so this is how you are surviving the anticipation and wait with no hubby at home.... go shopping!!!


Gamma! said...

I see I've trained my daughters well! :)

Anonymous said... math geeks, rap math geeks, MATH??? I am so glad I know you I would have never come across this on my own. I'm with Janelle, shoe shopping!!! Mom C