May 3, 2008

Poor, Poor Mailman

So my last post referenced some Really Good People we're fortunate to have in our lives. Today I'm going to add the mailman to that list. OK, in all fairness he has been on the list since we began stalking him 11 months ago but recently he's gained regal status on the Really Good People list. I think that instead of a monetary gift during the holidays this year we're going to need to send him to a chiropractor or a really good masseuse. Within the past couple weeks he's graciously delivered to our doorstep (these packages don't exactly fit in a mailbox) a car seat, highchair, *32 pound box of gifts from the grandma's for our "remote baby shower", and um, our neighbor's goat just escaped and is running dangerously close to the road just a sec...

OK, the goat is safe. This kind of thing just doesn't happen when we're in Brooklyn. I've had blog-posting interrupted to pay the sushi delivery man and occasionally to enjoy the latest Dominican beat being pumped through our neighbor's window, but never an escape goat.

Where was I...oh, the mailman. I can't imagine his confusion as most of the packages have Babies R Us plastered on the side or some other obvious children's shop label and ALL are addressed to "Mom & Dad". When he dropped off the car seat I watched his eyes wander to my belly and could tell he was confused. Based on the other packages we regularly receive from "Children's Hope International Adoption Agency" and "Adoptive Families Magazine" I thought he would have put two and two together, but apparently not yet. He hasn't quite caught on. My plan is to wait until we pass court on May 16th (1 week 6 days is by far the best that ticker has ever looked!) and then meet him at the doorstep to fill him in on the news and what an important part of the journey he's been. I'm sure he'll be speechless and begin weeping uncontrollably...or more realistically will just share a congrats and be on his merry mailman way. In any case at least he'll finally understand the delivery of all things baby. And then curse us as he limps back to his truck rubbing his sore back.

*A note regarding our remote baby shower: Most of our family lives in MN and we're in NY and given the always last minute and up-in-the-air time line of international adoption we weren't able to schedule a time for us to go to MN for a shower, so they mailed the shower to us! I already know that one of the boxes is full of toys that my sister's children generously agreed to share with their new cousin, but I have to wait until hubby comes home later today to open some of the others...grant me patience!!! (The exciting kind of patience though, not the patience schmatience waiting sucks kind.)


Brooke said...

Great post. I'm can imagine your mail man going, what the heck is all this baby stuff for!

Glad the goat was OK. We can't have goats wondering around now. So, so, funny!

Courtney Rose said...

Your excitement is absolutely seeping through the internet! I am SO happy for you guys. It must feel incredible getting all these packages and knowing that it really and truly is just a matter of time. Weeks, actually. Fantastic.

We once lived in a renovated barn whose owners had rented out the backyard to a gal who owned 10 or so llamas and a goat named Jake. It was a lot of fun- but I can't even count the amount of times we had to help get that goat unstuck from the fence due to his little goat horns.

Enjoy your remote baby shower!

Gamma! said...

Glad it arrived safe and sound - any by the way, tell your wonderful mailman thanks from us too! He's probably thinking he'd like to recommend FedX for the next batch of stuff! :)
Have fun - and if you wait till after 5 we can do a webcam opening - not quite the same as being there, but not bad. And if you think this is exciting, I can only imagine the excitement when Baby Bean arrives in his new home - forever! Love you all!

Amanda & Andrew said...

haha-I hope the mailman breaks down weeping, realizing how important he was to this! ;)

But, you're right-it'll likely be a more subtle response.
Either way-he's there to deliver you good paperwork, good boxes and good feelings.

Good luck with waiting on opening the box(es).

Annie said...

Oh, how much fun you're going to have opening those gifts!!!

And yes, I love looking at that ticker, too! Every day it becomes more real, doesn't it??

Goats...bats...oh, my, your life is adventurous ;) As far as the mailman, he may tear up, you never know....the pharmicist at Walgreen's was wiping tears away when I shared my news.

Misty said...

That is seriously so fun! A remote shower. And you didn't even have to play silly games...awesome! What sweet family. I am so impressed that you didn't open the gifts. Dan would have totally had them assembled by the time I arrived home (lil' patience issue...patience schmatience!)

LISA said...

A remote shower!How cool! Can't wait for you to share pics!