May 26, 2008

6 Days

We've been waiting for this for a bit over one year, and dreaming of it since before we married almost 7 years ago. This was our last weekend without a kiddo in the house. We're officially at "The Monday" when we no longer have a weekend buffer to prepare for things. Because we leave next weekend! Next. Weekend.

I write this with an extreme sense of calmness because we truly have accomplished everything that one could ever hope to accomplish in one weekend. We shopped, we baby proofed, we installed (car seat is all set!), we washed, we sorted, we organized, we designed, we packed, we ate, we rested, we enjoyed.


And we owe a million dollar lottery ticket to my sister who made all of the aforementioned events actually happen. (Seriously, she rocks the souk.)

6 Days... Smiles all around!


Annie said...

6 days...WOW! It has a beautiful ring to it!

Stacie said...

So close!!! I love the new pictures - I've been away from the Internet this weekend so I'm catching up. LOVE his sweet curls! Can't wait to see more!!

Kathy & Oma said...

Oma and great aunti Kathy are so enchanted with your picture. We have it on Oma's fridge and when we pass it we have to talk to you and sometimes even sing to you. We make up songs using your beautiful Ethiopian Name. We talk to you about MN and snow, bananas, apple sauce, birdies and oma's cookies (yummy) & building blocks. Oma says that she hopes Daddy and Mommy will save a corner of their suitcase for some of her hugs and kisses.

Cloverland Farm said...

we are so so so so so excited for you!!! can't wait to hear all about it!!!!!

Carol McGregor said...

Great Grandma McGregor and I are so happy for you. I was up at her house this weekend and had printed out the newer pictures for her before I went up. This is a dream come true for you both and how wonderful when dreams really do come true. You are all three in our thoughts and prayers. Love you lots! Carol

Kathryn & Kevin said...

I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow your adventure. Ashton is so cute!