May 30, 2008

Sunk? Yep.

So I know I was all, "It hasn't sunk in yet" this morning, but let's just chalk that up to something... not sure what that something is yet, because I'm currently carefully counting out diapers per plastic bag to maximize our luggage space... And that's how tonight is going to roll. It sunk in. Maybe not completely, and to be honest I hope it doesn't ever feel like it "completely sunk in" because I really hope a part of this was just always there, not needing to sink in but just always having been a part of everything.

38 hours, 40 minutes.

We just had our travel call with our agency (nothing like handling last minute details at the last minute) and feel OK. We've got our tickets and a few pair of socks. And Cherios, we heard he likes those. And we're off. SOON.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm sorry to jump in the middle of your excitment and ask a silly question - where did the pendant (Africa with the heart cut out) come from? My daughter is adopted from Haiti and I would love to find a similar one. Safe travels. It's a great ride!!

LISA said...

Enjoy,and hold tight in your heart,the feelings you now feel.
Wow! Can you believe it??!

Annie said...

How are you doing now???Has the idea competely sunk in??

This journey is so cool and amazing and I love how I am getting emails/prayers from your mom and your mother-in-law.... it's amazing how we all come together through a computer, and yet very soon, it will be in person! can't wait!!