May 17, 2008

Drought In The Horn

So we're over our 12 hour moment of weakness pity party. Amazing how one article can snap you right out of anything and completely change your perspective on a day. One of the orphanages CHI works with is in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia which is referenced in the NY Times article below. Click here to read more from UNICEF about the devastating drought in the Horn of Africa or click here to make a donation. The butterflies in my tummy are back, but this time in a sick to my stomach sort of way.

New York Times
Famine Looms as Wars Rend Horn of Africa
Published: May 17, 2008
Villagers say hundreds of Somalis are dying of hunger and thirst amid soaring global food prices, skimpy rainfall and rising violence.


maureen said...

We are also adopting from Ethiopia and are waiting for our court date. I read that article this morning to and had the same sick to my stomach feeling. Thanks for posting and letting people know how they can help.

courtney rose said...

Thanks for continuing to spread the word of the needs in Africa. You do an amazing job of that....

You guys are in our thoughts.

Annie said...

Thank you, Jo, for this reminder. We have no right to utter a complaint, do we?