May 8, 2008

Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy is the new Bean. We should have been calling him this all along, but until a good friend pointed out the similarities in the sound of his name compared with the sound of Wonder Boy we just hadn't quite caught on. So for now, at least until we can share his name (which for those counting is now just one week!) he will be known as Wonder Boy.

Although most of his wonders will take place post-now there are already a few wonders happening that are fully due to his presence in the world.

#1: Wine Enthusiast Toast of the Town. This is the one event my husband and I have attended absolutely every year since moving to NYC 7 years ago regardless of anything. We always go, always. The top wine distributors in the world and top chefs in the city go all out in a pristine NYC setting (Lincoln Center) for an unmatchable culinary experience. Seriously, we've LIVED for this event and are often the first to purchase tickets. Until this year. I'm embarrassed to admit that my dear friend actually had to email me asking if we had our tickets yet and that was the first thought I'd given to the event! ITS MAY! What was I thinking? We're typically the ones emailing our friends in March reminding them to purchase tickets and here we are in May, having completely forgotten about the event entirely and now due to prior work commitments will not be able to attend. What is wrong with us!!?? Oh yeah...we've had other things on our mind. And I'm SOOOOO OK with that.

#2: We're about to potentially wrap our last week on Earth before officially becoming parents. If all of the stars align by the end of next week we will officially be mom and dad. That's one wonder our Wonder Boy will have a hard time topping. Although there's not a doubt in my mind that he will.


Anonymous said...

Your mom and I are have already discussed making sure we meet to toast Wonder Boy's "official" place in our family next Friday. Of course it's just paperwork, he's been a McGregor/Hall/Campanaro since April 9! Love Mom C

Gamma! said...

OK...this is an emotional morning! Thinking about welcoming our little "Wonder Boy" into our family, the song Chris Tomlin song "God of Wonders Beyond our Galaxy" brought tears to my eyes of what a great God we have! And then thinking about the birth mothers dinner Julie, Janelle and I will be attending tonight (and I will be speaking at - PRAY FOR ME!) with the Mark Schultz song "You are Everything to Me" is so appropriate for our our newest Wonder too! He has a birth mother and birth grandmother who I have been praying for daily since April 9th! If you go to you can listen to the incredible story Mark tells in song. (Mark was adopted so sings from his heart)
Thank you God for working miracles and bring joy to each one of our lives and all the adopting parents from CHI that we pray for - the journey is different for each one, but You are with us through it all! We love you Wonder Boy! Gamma

Katy said...

So very cool. I hope you have a wonderful last week!

Annie said...

Isn't funny how our priorities shift?

God be willing, today is the last Friday you will have before you are a Mommy and Daddy! WOW...hard to grasp, isn't it??

Amanda & Andrew said...

I love Wonder Boy! Sounds perfect :)
And, enjoy your hopefully last week on Earth of being not-parents.

I hope by this time next week you'll be Mom & Dad. :)