May 18, 2008

Tomorrow Morning, Round Two

So here's the deal. The most probable reason that our agency didn't receive any word from Ethiopia on Friday about how/if court went is that they were without electricity due to the awful conditions mentioned in yesterday's post. The most realistic next steps (at least the ones I've created in my own mind) are as follows:

*The electricity outage didn't affect the courts and court happened, and it went well. If this is the case then we will be receiving an email from our agency tomorrow informing us that we are officially mom and dad to our beautiful son. NOTE: This means that right now, this very instant, we are ALREADY mom and dad! (I'm obviously hoping for this scenario...)

*The electricity outage did affect the courts and court didn't happen. If this is the case then hopefully we will be rescheduled for court on Monday with a successful result and will be notified by our agency tomorrow, or rescheduled for another day sometime soon and will be notified shortly.

*The electricity outage didn't affect the courts and court did happen, but it didn't go well. If this is the case then hopefully we'll be rescheduled for court soon with enough time to address whatever reasons may have caused our court hearing to be unsuccessful. This is the scenario I'm dreading.

So as it turns out my data driven analytic personality type may be benefiting me this weekend because I really do think I've sorted out all potential realistic scenarios. On the other hand I've spent the entire weekend sorting out all potential realistic scenarios...and now I have a headache. Thank goodness we spent most of yesterday planting in the garden. My soul returns to a happy place every time I pass by the back window and view the rain on our newly planted vegetables and herbs. But the REAL happy place will come tomorrow...right? All extremities crossed, here's to hoping for good news tomorrow.

Hallelujah. Holy Sh*t. Where's the Tylenol.
(If you don't get this reference you had better run out to your local video store and rent National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Then you'll get it. Yes, we're watching Christmas movies today...surprised?)


Brooke said...

Oh yeah, Chirstmas Vacation is the best! Love that movie.

I'm so hoping and praying that court went well. Can't wait to hear about it!

Stacie said...

Praying for the best outcome! I hope we hear good news today.

(It is so funny you referenced Christmas Vacation - I just referenced the all-time-best Vacation on our blog :)

Katy said...

I'll be thinking of you today, wishing for the best possible scenario.

losiloni said...

Thinking of you today... I held your little one while I was there (I held them all), but I don't know which one, so I am waiting on the pictures so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good Luck!

LISA said...

Hoping you hear good news soon!