November 4, 2007

Blog Searching & Football

We woke up this morning (with an extra hour to spare, thanks to daylight savings) thinking that we'd search the blogs for New York families in the adoption process in an attempt to learn more about the average time between fingerprinting and receipt of the I-171H. Given the sheer volume of blogs out there we assumed that New York adoption blogs including a timeline would be plentiful. Not so much. Not only do the wait times differ (hugely) from state to state, but it also seems that any attempt to learn about the potential wait times in your specific state will result in a handful of oddly organized blogs that point to, well, not much more information than what you woke up with. This must be karma's way of telling us to chill out, we've done all that we can do, just be patient and enjoy a beautiful November New York Sunday afternoon. I can handle that I guess, doesn't hurt that the Vikings absolutely dominated the Chargers...

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