November 5, 2007

Sister Support

Thanks to my always reliable support system of mothers and sisters I've chilled out a bit and am secure in the knowledge that everything that can be done is being done as quickly as possible. Sometimes I need to be reminded that this process does not revolve around the timeline of my husband and I, or the timeliness of the US government, or even the steady efforts of all who have been involved in helping bring us to the completion of our dossier. It revolves around Bean's life, Bean's timeline, and when Bean is ready, we'll go and get him/her. The refreshing breath of fresh air that a girl breaths after having a mother/sister moment is truly priceless.

1 comment:

Gamma! said...

We're here for you honey - thank goodness for cell phones and e-mail - but I think we'll have to invest in computer TV once Baby Bean arrives so we can talk AND see each other! What a day brightener that will be!