November 14, 2007

Visit to Modern Tots

Modern Tots might be my new favorite store. Ok, most of the products are crazy expensive but it's still fun to look. We first stumbled across their website when we were looking at rocking chairs on Craigslist and then realized that their showroom is right around the corner from our apartment in Brooklyn so we stopped by last night to check it out. The saleswoman was fantastic and walked us through the wide world of strollers. We are looking at three potential strollers: the Xplory by Stokke, the Orbit System, and the Quinny Zapp. One thing to keep in mind is that although we spend the vast majority of our time in our small Upstate NY village we do spend a bit of time in NYC as well, so our stroller will need to be suitable for car rides and hiking trails as much as it will need to be suitable for long city walks and subway stairs. Here are the pros and cons we found for each of the three we're looking at:

Xplory by Stokke: Everything is adjustable! The stroller seat can be moved up and down (fantastic for restaurants, simply adjust the height and it doubles as a high chair, also great for visits to the zoo when other strollers would be too low to see over the bars) and it rotates 360 degrees so that Bean can face mommy on long walks or face forward when it's time to observe the world. It also reclines for those times when a walk turns into a nap, and the wheels collapse together turning the whole thing into a dolly-like structure making it easy to "bump" up and down stairs. The main con for this stroller is that it's not easy to get in and out of cars, and is nearly impossible to do while holding a baby.

Orbit: The big pro for this stroller is that it doubles as a car seat. This may be inconsequential for us depending on how big Bean is when we get home, but if Bean is under 6 months this may be a good option. It also has the 360 degree rotation but is also a bit of a pain to collapse and get in and out of cars.

Quinny Zapp: CHEAP!!! We're going with this stroller no matter what. It's lightweight and collapses to almost nothing with one quick & easy motion. Literally, nothing. I watched the sales woman press down on the handle and it was like the whole thing just disappeared and all that was left was this small folded piece of metal on the floor that I could have practically put in my purse! This will be a great around town stroller and perfect for those times when we need to run a quick errand or are going out and planning on having Bean out of the stroller most of the time when having a compact stroller that doesn't take up any space is great.

The saleswoman told us that she went through four strollers with her daughter - yikes.

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