November 14, 2007

My Sisters Rock

Both of my sisters rocked today. OK, they always rock, but especially today.

Older Wiser Sister: Married with three of the most adorable children on the planet. A box arrived in the mail from her today containing knit baby outfits and blankets. They found them a couple of years ago in my grandmother's house after she passed away labeled "for my great grandchildren". My sister's children have been enjoying them and now that she's passed these absolutely precious items down to me, Bean will enjoy them too. Speechless.

Younger Youthful Sister: Fabulously single and birth mother to two more of the most adorable children on the planet currently living with their adoptive family in Iowa. Today she agreed to participate in a 2-5 day cleansing with me where the only nutrition allowed is a cayenne pepper/lemon juice/maple syrup/water mixture and daily vitamins. Only a sister would agree to such a thing. We're going to text message each other through the next 2-5 days (she's in MN, I'm in NY) and look forward to the mental and physical health that a cleansing can bring.

Bean is going to have two of the greatest aunties in the world!


Patricia said...

Can't wait to hear what five days might be like. I enjoyed my two.

Gamma! said... they talked me into it too - but no one mentioned "fresh squeezed" lemon juice! I'll run right out :) We'll see how the day goes . . .

Rebecca said...

wow - that cleanse sounds like a blast!! :) Really, I should do it as least try! Good luck with it! And, isn't it fun to have sisters?!?

Katy said...

Your sisters sound like great people. Good luck on the cleansing! I don't think I have the willpower to do such a thing, but maybe the incessant temptation to eat something would provide a good distraction from this maddening wait. I hope you (& I) get a referral soon.


p.s. if you are still looking for Amharic language resources, I have a list of links to books & CDs on my blog. No tutors though, sorry.

LISA said...

The knit items are so sentimental!!!How cool!
The cleansing thing, uh might end up being memorable, but not so sentimental!!