November 3, 2007

Renovating The Renovation Plans

The plan was for the sandless hardwood floor refinishers to arrive at 9AM this morning and begin refinishing the floors upstairs. They arrived, looked at the floors, and regardless of the fact that we had sent them pictures of the paint on the floors and they had confirmed that "we've dealt with worse" they quickly informed us that they would not be able to complete the job. So, with all of our upstairs furniture temporarily relocated to the lower level we began investigating other options. My husband and I have never been the type to require much time for decision making, which is interesting seeing as we're two very indecisive people...which may be why we both need to "make the final call" quickly just to get out of the indecision. Anyhow, sometime between 9AM and 2PM today did a complete 180 and decided to go with Carpet.

Carpet? Are you kidding me? We've lived in NYC (and for the past year the surrounding countryside) for over six years, and THE rule of thumb is HARDWOOD. And now all of a sudden we're willing to have carpeted bedrooms? Odd. Even more odd is that it actually feels like the right thing to do. Quieter. Warmer. Softer. Sold. So, we woke up expecting to have the entire upstairs hardwood floors refinished and furniture back in place. We're going to go to sleep looking forward to our carpet install appointment later this week with our upstairs furniture taking temporary residence downstairs. Who knew.

The really exciting part is that as of next weekend the only other room that still requires significant "help" will be the downstairs bathroom. Don't get me wrong, there will always be projects, but it will be nice to have most of the necessaries out of the way.

Bean is going to love his/her soft, padded, stain-resistant carpet. Oh my goodness I feel the need to reaffirm myself with a DWR purchase...

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