November 9, 2007

One Week Later

No carpet. No I-171H. The carpet was supposed to be installed today thus ending a week of all of our furniture living in our living and dining rooms, but they called this morning to tell us that there was a delivery delay so they won't be able to install until Monday. There goes our fun weekend of redecorating and putting things back in order... USCIS somehow didn't get the memo either that our I-171H needs to be delivered ASAP! Yes, I know it's been just a week which would probably have broken some major land speed record for government document delivery, but a girl can hope, can't she? So I need to find a "YES" for today, too many "NO's" to start the day off.

Yes, we live in a beautiful neighborhood in a gorgeous home and the yard is sprinkled with red, yellow, and orange leaves, and now that we have some unexpected free time this weekend I see leaf jumping in our future!

Yes, we have two fantastic cats who keep us company when one of us is out of town. They somehow sense that the one of us who is at home needs a little extra cuddling while the other's away and cuddle-in extra often.

Yes, I'm going to go grocery shopping today and cook an amazing dinner that will make the whole house smell of garlic, sage, and rosemary. I love to cook.

Okay, maybe I can wait a few days longer for the carpet and I-171H.

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