November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and turkey-filled Thanksgiving.

We're blessed in so many ways, here are a few things that we're thankful for:

* Our loving and supportive family
* Our amazing and creative network of friends
* The boys (Bridger & Bode)
* Our warm and cozy home
* CHI, who has been incredibly organized, informative, and professional throughout our journey to Bean and who's efforts are supporting the children of Ethiopia in such loving ways


Misty said...

Okay, so my question is, how did you come to be a Vikings fan, when you live in New York? Of course I'm Dolphins fan, and I live in South Dakota...I guess there's no logic!

Mike & Jo said...

Good question - my husband and I were both born and raised in Minnesota and are die hard Vikings fans. We lived in Bozeman, MT prior to Moving to New York and just never caught the "vibe" of another team. Guess it's the purple and gold for us for the long run! I'll be sure to root for Miami for you - have to see how 'ol Ricky can reassimilate!