November 24, 2007

List Of Lasts

We're beginning to check off the items on our list of lasts. That is, the list that contains all of the things that we'll be doing for the last time alone, sans Baby Bean. These pictures are going to be SIGNIFICANTLY cuter next year (I have a feeling Bean will be the centerpiece rather than the Christmas decorations!) but here's a glimpse of our Thanksgiving weekend - our last solo, but what's sure to be the beginning of a year of many exciting firsts!

Thanksgiving Dinner (turkey, toasted mushroom couscous, sage stuffing, roasted butternut squash, cranberries, asparagus, and bread)

Thanksgiving Snacks (fried sage leaves stuffed with garlic and goat cheese, assorted cheese and crackers, olives, turkey chili, and apple crisp)

Mike cutting down the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree! (I may have given Mike a little slack last year for selecting a short Christmas tree...he more than made up for it this year as we had to cut over a foot off of the base so that it would fit in our living room! It's one solid 9 foot tree!)


Patricia said...

Great tree. I'm anxious to hear what stuffed sage leaves taste like? A good addition to the Campanaro Italian feast?

LISA said...

Pretty tree!
Happy Birthday also!! Shawn & I are both November babies too! Can't wait for you to get all your paperwork finished. Hopefully your I171H will come soon.

Gamma! said...

It's 1AM and I'm just finishing up a project for dad. Loved closing up for the night with thoughts of you! Your tree is beautiful (and just the right size :))! Enjoy every moment together - things WILL change once Bean comes, but for the even better, of course!

Cloverland Farm said...

Hi! Just found your blog...we are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia as well, and we live in Brooklyn! Nice to know there are others near by in the same process. Best to you! Laura