November 18, 2007

Organization At Last

Phew. After almost 3 weeks of our 2nd floor furniture living on the 1st floor we're now officially moved back in, clean, and organized! We hosted a dinner party last night which provided the much needed motivation to put things back in order. Ever since the 2nd floor refinishing/carpeting escapade the house has been in complete disarray and it's fantastic to finally have everything in it's place at last. We also successfully completed a 48 hour cleansing so indulging in spicy enchiladas, wine, caffeine, and a clean home last night with guests was pure joy.

Another bonus of the mass cleaning/organization is that we found the computer cord for our digital camera so can finally post some decent pictures of Mike putting up the Christmas lights last weekend and the end result of our renovation from this weekend. Still no I-171H, but the mailman is now hand delivering all of our mail directly to our doorstep. We have many things to be thankful for this week, and an attentive mailman is one of them. Hopefully one of his next deliveries will be in an envelope from USCIS!

Mike transforming our home into a Christmas gingerbread house:

Bean's room is on it's way! We now have the crib put together, the first piece of art (an outline of Ethiopia with a heart in the center that says, "There's nowhere I wouldn't go to bring you home to me"), our new Amharic beanbags for numbers and colors, and Bean's first blankets/clothing from Great Grandma Soer.

Bridger fast asleep under our new living room blinds:

Mike's office is finally organized!


Patricia said...

The baby's toom loks fantastic, makes it more and more real! Like tehe lights too. Stan will be doing ours in the cooold weather! Grandma C

Gamma! said...

Looks like all those Christmas memories down through the years have made an impact! Love your gingerbread house! Our lights are all up - dad got inspired in the nice warm weather! Bought a pointsettia but it's gotta go - Smokey and Guy seem to be attracted to it :( Can only imagine what a tree in the living room is going to do to them! Any suggestions welcome!

Bean's room looks SO inviting - especially all the love wrapped inside it all. Love you guys, mom/gamma

Stacie said...

I am so glad you got our house back in order. That must be a relief. With a 4yr old boy, we live in disarray, but I can't stand it.
Cute babies room.