November 10, 2007

2 1/2 Months

Is the longest wait time between submission of dossier to referral for the most recent 4 families in CHI's Ethiopia program! We've been reading a lot lately about how the wait times have been increasing due to the increase in agencies working in Ethiopia so it was fantastic to read that the recent CHI Ethiopia families received their referrals so quickly. Congratulations to the families!


Gamma! said...

How fun to be able to read your updates and feel the energy and love in your hearts! Baby Bean will be so blessed to have you for mommy and daddy! Now if just all parties concerned could be half as organized and excited about this process as you are! :) Have patience . . . the best is yet to come!

Gamma! said...

After reading about Ethiopia in the news today, I just had to let you know that I am praying - that God is sending His angels to keep Baby Bean safe amidst the turmoil. God is faithful and I do claim His promises right now that Baby Bean will be united with his/her mommy and daddy soon.

LISA said...

I hope you guys get your I-171H soon! It seemed like a longer wait than what is was.I can say that NOW since we finally got ours.